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At Treske Pty Limited, our success is deeply rooted in our exceptional founder and partner. Meet the individuals who bring unmatched industry expertise, dedicated partnerships, and proven experience to the forefront of everything we do. These are the people who make us who we are and drive us toward excellence, carrying with them a combined 50 years of experience in critical IT infrastructure solutions. 

Our Founder & Managing Director 

Daniel Sargent 

Daniel Sargent, the founder of Treske Pty Limited, has had a diverse and successful career in the IT industry. After teaching IT systems and programming in the UK, Daniel moved to Australia in 1993. He worked for a global FMCG company, where he managed the software development of marketing, logistics, and promotion management systems.

Daniel then expanded his career by leading the IT and Operations departments of a global eyecare business. He later became the head of the IT department for Emerson Network Power (now called Vertiv), where he was offered the opportunity to run the channel partner division.

During this time, Daniel gained valuable skills in channel management and designing critical infrastructure solutions. Seeking real-world sales experience, he worked for a national power and cooling integrator, which further enhanced his understanding of client needs and different market behaviors.

Inspired by his success and armed with a strong IT foundation and strategic channel management skills, Daniel decided to establish his own business. With his extensive network and relationships across major critical infrastructure manufacturers, partners, IT resellers, and end clients, Daniel is uniquely positioned to provide the right solutions and articulate concepts effectively.


Partner of Treske, Founder & Managing Director at EcoGreen Electrical

Adam Wright

Adam Wright is an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner with a strong customer focus. As a part-owner of Treske Pty Limited and the sole owner of Ecogreen Electrical, he understands that repeat business is crucial for the growth and success of the combined enterprise. Adam prioritises building long-term relationships with clients by delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding their expectations. He recognises that satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal patrons who contribute to the continued growth of both Treske and Ecogreen Electrical. Adam's commitment to superior customer satisfaction further solidifies the reputation of the combined organisation as a trusted partner in the electrical contracting, power systems, and cooling solutions industry.

Adam's expertise extends to designing and implementing efficient power and cooling systems for industrial, commercial, and retail environments. He possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in optimising electrical infrastructure and ensuring reliable operation. His problem-solving skills and strong technical knowledge enable him to address complex challenges in these areas. Adam sees Treske and Ecogreen Electrical as a perfect combination for delivering high-quality services to their clients. While Treske remains focussed on sales, Ecogreen Electrical provides expert electrical contracting services, specialising in power and cooling systems. This strategic partnership allows both organisations to offer integrated solutions and drive mutual growth.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Adam is a dedicated family man with three children. He has a passion for sports and enjoys coaching different teams. With his extensive industry experience and commitment to excellence, Adam is a trusted leader in the electrical contracting and power systems sector.