Empowering Data Centre Optimisation: Treske Partners with EkkoSense


EkkoSense Treske Partnership


In an era where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, Treske is proud to announce our partnership with EkkoSense, a global leader in AI-powered data centre optimisation. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards enhancing critical infrastructure resilience, revolutionising data centre operations and providing real-time visibility to ensure SLA achievement.

EkkoSense leads the data centre optimisation revolution with its AI-powered EkkoSoft Critical software, empowering teams to mitigate thermal and power risks, reduce cooling energy consumption, and support their ESG and sustainability initiatives. Through cutting-edge 3D visualisation technology and advanced analytics, EkkoSense delivers remarkable results in weeks, optimising performance while also delivering against corporate net zero targets.

Utilising 3D visualisation, and advanced 128-bit AES encrypted wireless sensing technology, EkkoSoft Critical provides unparalleled insights into data centre performance. With SaaS DCIM-class monitoring software, organisations optimise operations efficiently, achieving resilience and uptime while maximising performance. ISO 27001 certified EkkoSense's commitment to innovation drives sustainability and efficiency for critical data centre infrastructure.

How Can Treske Help?

As a reseller for EkkoSense, Treske is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions for data centre optimisation. Leveraging our expertise in data centre IT and mechanical skills, we offer end-to-end services, from supply to installation. By partnering with EkkoSense, we empower organisations to monitor, manage, and maximise their data centre performance while ensuring resilience and uptime.

Treske's partnership with EkkoSense signifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in data centre operations. Together, we are poised to lead the way towards a more optimised and sustainable future for critical infrastructure.


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