Eaton Intelligent Power Management

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Vendor : Eaton

Product Type : SOFTWARE

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Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) disaster avoidance software provides monitoring and management of power equipment in physical or virtual environments to keep IT devices running during a power or environmental event. This innovative software solution ensures system uptime and data integrity by allowing you to remotely monitor, manage and control devices on your network. Choose from three levels of licenses: Monitor, Manage and Optimize.

- Real-time monitoring and management of power infrastructure
- Centralized control and visibility of multiple devices and systems
- Intelligent load shedding and prioritization capabilities
- Energy usage tracking and reporting
- Power event logging and analysis
- Predictive maintenance and proactive alerts
- Integration with environmental monitoring systems
- Remote access and management capabilities
- Secure communication and authentication protocols
- Compatibility with various Eaton power devices and solutions
- Scalability to accommodate growing power infrastructure needs
- Customizable dashboards and reporting options

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