Eaton 93E 3-Phase Mk2 15kVa-60kVa Uninterruptible Power Supply

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The Eaton 93E MK2 15-60kVA UPS is a high-performance uninterruptible power supply system designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for critical applications and IT infrastructure.  

93E MK 2- 8 Year Battery,  15-80kVA 1 Year Warranty (Commissioning included) - Warranty Conditional of Routine Service being conducted on UPS.  

Key features of the Eaton 93E MK2 15-60kVA UPS may include:

1. Online double-conversion topology: Ensures continuous power protection by isolating connected equipment from power disturbances and fluctuations.

2. High efficiency: The UPS is designed for high efficiency levels to help reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

3. Scalability: The UPS can be easily scaled from 15kVA to 60kVA to meet growing power requirements.

4. Advanced monitoring and management: Remote monitoring and management capabilities allow for real-time visibility and control of the UPS system.

5. Redundant components: Built-in redundancy for critical components to enhance system reliability.

6. Easy maintenance: Hot-swappable batteries and other components make maintenance and service tasks easier and minimize downtime.

Overall, the Eaton 93E MK2 15-60kVA UPS is a robust and reliable power protection solution suitable for data centers, healthcare facilities, telecommunications, and other critical applications where uninterrupted power supply is essential.

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