Liebert APM Plus 3-Phase Modular 50kVa-500kVa Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Vendor : Vertiv, Liebert, Emerson


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The all-new Vertiv™ Liebert®APM Plus is a modular high density transformer-free UPS
which brings exceptional features for mission-critical applications. Its' extraordinary double conversion efficiency of up to 97% ensures remarkable operational cost savings, reducing both the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the environmental impact. The built-in scalability of the Liebert APM Plus also allows for fast, simple progression in system capacity through featured FlexPower technology™. Each power module combines scalable power with independent DSP control to auto-regulate operation, thus enhancing overall availability.

The Liebert® APM Plus features a large multilingual touch screen LCD display giving users access to key operating information including alarm status, configuration, start up/shutdown, transfer, and advanced metering. It offers network connectivity communications card, and optional software monitoring, all designed to ensure visibility, control, and peace of mind for manned or unmanned locations. `

  • Remarkable double conversion efficiency - up to 97%
  • Eco mode efficiency - up to 99%
  • Flat efficiency curve
  • High power density
  • Fit for the row or room applications
  • Modular and scalable
  • Hot-swappable power modules and bypass module
  • Distributed module control system
  • Unitary output power factor and symmetrical power factor diagram
  • Reliability boosters- Robust air channels, PCBs embedded with conformal coating
  • Integrated parallel and load bus synchronization
  • Intelligent paralleling function
  • User-friendly 9-inch LCD touch screen display
  • Supports UPS self-capacity test without load banks

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