Empowering Compassion: Future-Ready Comms Room Solutions by Treske for a Non-Profit Organisation

Empowering Compassion: Future-Ready Comms Room Solutions by Treske for a Non-Profit Organisation



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In today's interconnected world, the need for robust and dependable technology infrastructure is crucial, even for non-profit organisations. Compassion Australia, a Christian holistic child development organisation, faced unique challenges when establishing a new office in Parramatta, NSW. With a mission to uplift children from poverty, Compassion aimed to create a future-proof communications room capable of supporting their operations and scaling seamlessly as they expanded their outreach efforts.


The Challenge: Building a Future-Proof Office for Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia's commitment to serving vulnerable children with a community-first approach required a technology partner capable of delivering innovative solutions within tight timelines and budget constraints. Compassion's unique approach to solving poverty through child sponsorship programs required an expandable technology infrastructure to support their operations effectively.



Project Scope and Solution: Providing Comprehensive Data Cabling and Power Infrastructure

Treske was well-positioned to address Compassion Australia's needs. Under the guidance of industry expert and Managing Director, Daniel Sargent, Treske adopted a vendor-agnostic approach to deliver tailored solutions for Compassion. The goal was to find the most suitable solutions within budget and future plans for their office in Parramatta.


Delivering On Time and Budget: Treske's Expertise in Action

Partnering with Compassion Australia, Treske supplied and installed a comprehensive technology solution, including data cabling, power infrastructure, network patch leads, wireless access points, and audio-visual connection points.

Key components of the solution included;

  • A wall-mounted comms cabinet
  • 3kVA Powershield Centurion RT UPS with 30 minutes of runtime, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical operations.

Despite the time constraints and budget limitations faced by Compassion Australia as a non-profit organisation, Treske successfully completed the project within one week, laying the foundation for future scalability. The seamless integration of technology infrastructure enabled Compassion to establish it as a standard for their future satellite offices, allowing them to pursue their primary mission of building a brighter future for vulnerable children worldwide.


Client Testimonial

Ash Daniel Compassion Australia

"Working with Treske was exceptional. Their expertise and commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions aligned perfectly with our mission at Compassion Australia. With their support, we established a future-proof communications room that not only meets our current needs but also positions us for continued growth and impact in the years to come. And they did so within budget and on time." - Ash Daniel, IT Operations Manager, Compassion Australia


Project Managers Insight

Daniel Sargent Treske

"At Treske, our mission is to empower organisations like Compassion Australia with resilient and effective technology solutions. Collaborating with Compassion on this project was a privilege, and we are proud to support their vital work for children. As Compassion is a non-profit, it was crucial to find the best solutions within their budget and deliver the project as quickly as possible to get their team up and running." - Daniel Sargent, Managing Director and Founder, Treske Pty Limited




Whether you're a non-profit organisation like Compassion Australia or a business of any size, Treske is here to help you future-proof your technology infrastructure.

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