ATEN 8-Port USB 3.0 4K DisplayPort KVM Switch

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Vendor : ATEN

Product Type : KVM Switchbox

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The ATEN 8-Port USB 3.0 4K DisplayPort KVM Switch is a cutting-edge device designed to streamline and enhance the control and management of multiple computers or servers from a single console. This advanced KVM switch offers a range of features tailored to meet the demands of modern IT environments.

**Key Features:**
1. 8-Port Configuration:** Control up to 8 computers or servers with ease, reducing clutter and optimizing workspace efficiency.
2. 4K DisplayPort Support:** Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with support for ultra-high-definition 4K resolution displays.
3. USB 3.0 Connectivity:** High-speed USB 3.0 ports for seamless data transfer and peripheral device compatibility.
4. Multi-Platform Support:** Compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring versatility across different systems.
5. Advanced Switching Options:** Easily switch between connected devices using hotkeys, push buttons, or an intuitive on-screen display (OSD).
6. Audio Support:** Transmit audio signals alongside video for a comprehensive multimedia experience.
7. Secure Remote Management:** Manage and monitor connected systems remotely for enhanced security and convenience.
8. Firmware Upgradability:** Keep your KVM switch up-to-date with firmware updates for improved performance and compatibility.

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