8 Port Autoview KVM with 1 local and 1 remote users, VM and CAC, AC Power Supply with IEC C13 to C14 lead

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Vendor : Vertiv, Liebert, Emerson

Product Type : KVM Switchbox

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The Avocent AV3108-001 Autoview KVM is a high-quality KVM switch that allows users to efficiently manage and control multiple servers or computers from a single console. Here are some of the key features of the Avocent AV3108-001 8-port Autoview KVM:

1. **8-Port Design**: The AV3108-001 model comes with 8 ports, allowing users to connect and control up to 8 servers or computers using a single set of peripherals.

2. **AutoView Technology**: The Autoview feature enables automatic scanning and switching between connected devices, making it easy to navigate and manage multiple systems.

3. **Virtual Media Support**: This KVM switch supports virtual media capabilities, allowing users to remotely access and transfer files, images, and other data between the connected devices.

4. **Local and Remote Access**: Users can access and control connected devices locally from the KVM console or remotely over IP using a web browser, providing flexibility and convenience in managing systems.

5. **Security Features**: The Avocent AV3108-001 KVM switch offers advanced security features such as LDAP authentication, AES encryption, and configurable user permissions to ensure secure access and protect sensitive data.

6. **High Video Resolution**: With support for high video resolutions, the Avocent AV3108-001 delivers crisp and clear images on connected monitors, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

7. **Easy Installation and Setup**: The KVM switch is designed for easy installation and setup, with intuitive controls and user-friendly interface for quick configuration and operation.

Overall, the Avocent AV3108-001 8-port Autoview KVM switch provides users with a reliable and efficient solution for managing multiple servers or computers, offering advanced features for enhanced productivity and control over IT infrastructure.

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