Centiel 3P Modular CumulusPower™ 3-Phase 10kVa-3.56MW Uninterruptible Power Supply

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CumulusPower™ is a new series of modular fault-tolerant 3phase UPS-systems, that thanks to the extensive failure analysis research and insights gathered from 25 years of field experience working with a large number of data centers and other critical environments, The power protection solutions have reached the highest levels of availability to reduce downtime risk, avoid costly errors, and increase energy efficiency.

Unlike traditional centralized parallel multi-module systems, the advanced
CumulusPower™ technology combines a unique Intelligent Module Technology (IMT), with a fault-tolerant parallel architecture, called Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA), thereby fulfilling the highest availability and reliability requirements.

  • High availability
  • Full redundancy
  • High efficiency 97%
  • Bypass redundancy
  • No single point of failure
  • Small footprint
  • Get what you pay for (kVA = kW)
  • Ad-hoc solutions
  • Minimized Total Cost of Ownership
  • Swiss Quality
    Type: Online Double Conversion (DARA)
    Footprint: Tower Configuration
    Frames: Flexible Fames Available
    Modules: 10kVa/kW, 20kVa/kW, 25kVa/kW, 50kVa/kW, 60kVa/kW

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