Eaton 5PX Gen 2 Extended Battery Pack for 1500VA

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Vendor : Eaton

Product Type : UPS BATTERIES

The Eaton 5PX Battery Module is an essential component of the Eaton 5PX uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. It is designed to provide extended runtime and backup power for critical equipment in various settings, including small and medium-sized businesses, data centers, and network closets.

Key Features:
1. Extended Runtime: The Eaton 5PX Battery Module enhances the runtime of the Eaton 5PX UPS, allowing connected devices to remain powered during extended power outages. It offers additional backup power to ensure uninterrupted operation and safeguard critical data.

2. Hot-Swappable Design: The battery module features a hot-swappable design, which means it can be replaced without interrupting the power supply to the connected equipment. This feature facilitates easy maintenance and minimizes downtime, making it ideal for environments that require continuous availability.

3. Scalability: The Eaton 5PX Battery Module offers scalable runtime options. Users can add multiple battery modules to their UPS system to increase the backup power capacity according to their specific requirements. This flexibility allows for customization and future expansion as power needs grow.

4. Advanced Battery Management: The battery module incorporates advanced battery management technology, including temperature compensation and intelligent charging algorithms. These features optimize battery performance, extend battery life, and provide accurate information on battery health and status.

5. Compatibility: The Eaton 5PX Battery Module is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Eaton 5PX UPS system. It ensures compatibility and easy installation, guaranteeing reliable power protection for connected devices.

6. User-Friendly Interface: The battery module is equipped with an intuitive LCD display that provides real-time information on battery status, runtime, and other essential parameters. This user-friendly interface allows for easy monitoring and management of the UPS system.

In summary, the Eaton 5PX Battery Module is a reliable and scalable solution for extending the backup power capacity of the Eaton 5PX UPS system. With its hot-swappable design, advanced battery management features, and user-friendly interface, it offers enhanced reliability, flexibility, and ease of use in critical power backup applications.