Eaton 93PM 3-Phase Modular 30kVa-500kVa Uninterruptible Power Supply

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The Eaton 93PM Series uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers a comprehensive and high-performance power protection solution. With its modular design, high efficiency, intelligent management features, and robust reliability, it ensures continuous power availability and optimal performance for critical applications. The UPS system's scalability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance make it a versatile choice for businesses seeking reliable power protection with minimal downtime and operating costs.

Key Features:

1. Double Conversion Topology: The 93PM Series utilizes a double conversion online topology, ensuring clean and consistent power delivery. It continuously converts incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC, providing complete isolation from utility power disturbances.

2. Scalable and Modular Design: The UPS system is built on a scalable and modular platform, allowing users to customize their power capacity based on specific requirements. The modular design simplifies installation, maintenance, and future expansion, making it an ideal solution for growing businesses.

3. High Efficiency: The 93PM Series is engineered for energy efficiency, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. It features a high-efficiency mode that optimizes power usage without compromising protection, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

4. Intelligent Power Management: The UPS incorporates advanced power management capabilities, including load shedding, remote monitoring, and automated voltage regulation. These features ensure optimal power distribution, load balancing, and proactive system management.

5. Enhanced Battery Management: The 93PM Series employs intelligent battery management technologies to maximize battery performance and lifespan. It includes features such as automatic battery tests, temperature compensation, and predictive analytics for accurate battery health monitoring and maintenance.

6. Redundancy and Fault Tolerance: To ensure high availability, the UPS system offers built-in redundancy and fault-tolerant features. It includes redundant power modules, parallel configuration options, and fault bypass capabilities, minimizing single points of failure and enhancing system reliability.

7. Comprehensive Monitoring and Control: The 93PM Series provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for easy monitoring and control of the UPS system. It offers real-time data on power status, battery health, and system performance, enabling proactive management, alerts, and notifications.

8. Flexibility and Connectivity: The UPS system supports a range of input and output configurations, including single-phase and three-phase options. It offers multiple communication interfaces, such as SNMP, Modbus, and Ethernet, allowing seamless integration with existing network management systems.

9. Serviceability and Maintenance: The 93PM Series is designed for ease of serviceability, with front-accessible components and hot-swappable modules. This minimizes downtime during maintenance or replacement procedures, ensuring continuous operation and reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR).

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