Eaton UPS X-Slot Web SNMP Network Card

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Vendor : Eaton

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The Eaton ConnectUPSX network card is an accessory designed to enhance the functionality and manageability of Eaton uninterruptible power systems (UPS). It is a network communication device that can be installed in select Eaton UPS models, allowing users to monitor and manage their UPS remotely over a network.

Key features and capabilities of the Eaton ConnectUPSX network card include:

1. Remote Monitoring: The network card enables users to monitor the status, performance, and important parameters of their UPS from anywhere on the network. This includes real-time monitoring of power input/output, battery status, load levels, and environmental conditions.

2. Alert Notifications: The network card can send notifications and alerts via email, SNMP traps, or SMS messages to designated recipients in the event of power anomalies, UPS events, or battery conditions. This helps ensure timely response and minimize downtime.

3. Remote Management: Users can remotely configure and manage their UPS units through a web-based interface provided by the network card. This allows for convenient setup, monitoring, and adjustment of UPS settings without the need for physical access to the UPS unit.

4. Integration with Power Management Software: The ConnectUPSX network card is compatible with Eaton's power management software, enabling seamless integration into existing power management systems. This allows for centralized monitoring and control of multiple UPS units across a network.

5. Security Features: The network card incorporates security features such as password protection, user access control, and encryption protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of UPS data and remote management capabilities.

6. Environmental Monitoring: The network card can also monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity in the vicinity of the UPS. This feature helps identify potential issues that could affect the performance and reliability of the UPS system.

Overall, the Eaton ConnectUPSX network card provides enhanced visibility, control, and management capabilities for Eaton UPS units, allowing users to proactively monitor and respond to power-related events, optimize system performance, and ensure business continuity.

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