Rittal 42RU Acoustic Office Rack, Office Fan, 2 x Outlet Filters, Roof Cable Entry Verticle Cable ducts, 8-Way GPO PDU & Acoustic Material

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The Rittal 42RU Acoustic Rack is a high-quality server rack designed to provide both excellent acoustic performance and efficient equipment storage for data centers, offices, and other environments where noise reduction is a priority. Here are some key features and benefits of the Rittal 42RU Acoustic Rack:

1. Soundproofing: The rack is equipped with sound-absorbing materials that help reduce noise generated by servers and other equipment, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
2. Cooling System: The rack comes with built-in ventilation and roof-mounted fans systems to ensure optimal airflow and temperature regulation for the stored equipment. unimpeded air flow 1245 to 1345 m³/h
3. Cable Management: The rack includes cable management features to keep cables organized and easily accessible, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting.
4. Security: The rack is designed with features such as locking doors and side panels to secure equipment and prevent unauthorized access.
5. Adjustable Rails: The rack features adjustable mounting rails to accommodate various sizes of equipment and facilitate easy installation and configuration.

1. Noise Reduction: By significantly reducing operational noise from servers and networking equipment, the Rittal 42RU Acoustic Rack creates a quieter and more comfortable working environment.
2. Improved Productivity: The reduced noise levels allow employees to focus better on their tasks without distraction, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
3. Equipment Protection: The rack's soundproofing and cooling systems help protect sensitive equipment from overheating and external factors that could potentially cause damage.
4. Space Optimization: The 42RU height provides ample storage space for a large number of servers and equipment in a compact footprint, helping optimize space utilization in data centers and offices.
5. Versatility: The adjustable rails and customizable configurations of the rack make it versatile and adaptable to various equipment sizes and requirements, offering flexibility for future expansions and upgrades.

Overall, the Rittal 42RU Acoustic Rack is a reliable and efficient solution for organizations seeking to reduce noise pollution, enhance equipment protection, and improve workspace functionality in noise-sensitive environments.

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