Vertiv™ EXS Series TOWER UPS 10kvA-40kVa Online Double Conversion UPS

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The Liebert EXS 10-40kVA is a versatile and reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system designed to provide efficient and continuous power protection for critical IT infrastructure. With a power capacity ranging from 10 to 20 kilovolt-amperes (kVA), it offers scalable and adaptable power backup for small to medium-sized data centers, server rooms, and other mission-critical applications.

The Liebert EXS features advanced double-conversion technology, ensuring clean and reliable power delivery by converting incoming AC power to DC power and then back to AC power. This UPS system provides excellent voltage regulation, frequency stability, and surge protection, safeguarding connected equipment against power disturbances and outages. It also offers flexible configuration options, including tower or rack-mount installation, making it suitable for various deployment scenarios.

With its robust features and scalable capacity, the Liebert EXS 10-20kVA is an ideal choice for organizations seeking reliable power protection in their critical environments.

    • Enhanced load capacity with an output power factor of 1.
    • Adapts to areas with unstable power mains supply via high frequency double conversion topology structure, with high input power factor, wide input voltage range, and output immune to grid interference.
    • Robust structure with cutting edge channelized airflow design
    • Able to deliver both 3-Phase and 1-Phase output
    • ECO power supply mode helps you save the maximum amount of energy.
    • Compliant with Seismic conduction and vehicle carrying
      Type: Online Double Conversion
      Footprint: Tower Configuration
      Warranty: 2 Years Parts Only
      Network: Excluded
      Batteries: Included/Excluded

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