XM Series Lead Acid Battery XM12-120

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The XM series lead-acid battery is a reliable and durable energy storage solution commonly used in various applications, including UPS systems, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems. It belongs to the valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery family, which means it is sealed and maintenance-free. The XH series battery is designed with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver excellent performance and a long service life.

It offers a high energy density, allowing for efficient power delivery and extended runtime. The XH series batteries are known for their low self-discharge rate and resistance to vibration and impact, making them suitable for demanding environments. With their robust construction and reliable performance, the XH series lead-acid batteries provide a cost-effective and dependable solution for various applications requiring backup power or energy storage.

  • 12v 120Ah (20hr)
  • 108ah at 25 Deg C 1.80v/Cell
  • Telecom Outdoor integration site
  • Power Systems
  • Emergency Lighting, Auto Control Systems
  • Solar/Wind generating storage cyclic
  • other general purpose
  • Design Life 10 Years
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Dimensions: 330(L) x 171(W) x 216(H) 219(TH)